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Approximate prices EUROLOGOS-BRNO 2016
From language Into language Price from*
SK CS 0,95 CZK/word
EN, DE CS 1,45 CZK/word
IT, ES, FR, RU, PL CS 1,60 CZK/word
NL, PT, GR CS 2,05 CZK/word
ZH (CN), JP, AR CS 3,35 CZK/word
From language Into language Price from*
CS SK 1,20 CZK/word
CS EN, DE 1,80 CZK/word
CS IT, ES, FR, RU, PL 1,90 CZK/word
CS NL, PT, GR 2,60 CZK/word
CS ZH (CN), JP, AR 4,40 CZK/word

Prices are calculated from the source text.
* "translation quality" level included.

Other language combinations on request.


*eg. If you set an order on Monday morning, we will deliver translated text before Thursday 12am.

Prices are approximate. The basic premium rates are attributed to the expertise, speed of translation, unreadable text (handwritten), sworn translations, etc. However, our prices remain low and attractive to many customers from the Czech Republic and other parts of the world. We also offer our customers discounts for multiple translations, for a range of contract and a special discount "for your time" (when you are not in a hurry with the translations).

Quality, as we know, depends on checks. Multiple checks. When a text needs to be printed and distributed, it may have to be reworked many times. This is even truer in the case of texts in several languages. Naturally, different levels of quality have their own price, especially publishing quality.

Prices for the levels "Adaptation Quality" and "Publishing quality" are calculated individually for each contract - depending on the customer's wishes and ideas.

General Conditions of Sale can be downloaded here.


In order to provide our customers with even better services to an even greater extent, translators and interpreters are wanted to expand our ranks.
If you are interested to cooperate with us please fill out this questionnaire.

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Prices calculated are indicative only. Form counts only the linguistic combinations comprising Czech.
The minimum extent of the translation is 250 words.

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For the price quote of other language combinations please contact us at [email protected]