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Czech « » English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic
Other languages and language combinations upon request.

Our priority is to approach every customer with full dedication, willingness to listen to his exact requirements and ideas, and then adapt our activities to their full satisfaction. For this reason, each customer and their order is assigned to a Project Manager who is always willing and ready to consult any comments and suggestions related to the order. Thanks to this, every customer knows who he can ask for help or advice and who is responsible for the successful realization and completion of the contract.

The quality of our multilingual services is guaranteed by the fact that your text is always translated with the cooperation of at least one native speaker (either the translator or editor). This prevents stylistically and orthographically imperfect translations which are so often produced by the local agencies operating only in the Czech Republic.

We offer 3 levels of quality

Choose exactly the level that meets your requirements and do not pay for what you do not need.

  1. The "translation quality" level (semantic reproduction and ortho-syntactical correction) ensures the total reproduction of the meaning in the target language whilst guaranteeing the accuracy of the grammar and spelling of the text.
  2. The "adaptation quality" level (terminology and phraseology specific to the technolect) ensures the socio-stylistic adequacy of the translated text; the translator uses particular terminology and phraseology, specified, generally in advance, by the terminology department. The text is delivered once it has been "fine-tuned", taking into account, where applicable, any changes made by the client.
  3. The "publishing quality" level ("zero-error" match between text and layout) ensures the perfection and conformity of the texts with the layout. Hence, zero linguistic and graphical errors for the "ready-to-print" validation. The client is often given the finished product (negatives, prints, CDs or websites) ready for use.

Not sure what level of translation you need? Please consult us if you wish to know the quality level actually required for your texts and publications. Feel free to contact us , we will help you to choose the best option for you. Do not spend more than is necessary but do not risk making false savings either. Often, what starts out as inexpensive ends up being very expensive... One's brand image and written communication should not be taken lightly.


In order to provide our customers with even better services to an even greater extent, translators and interpreters are wanted to expand our ranks.
If you are interested to cooperate with us please fill out this questionnaire.

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The minimum extent of the translation is 250 words.

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